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Get To Know - The Writer

We wanted to give you all the chance to learn a little bit more about the minds behind the movement here at ONEOFTHE8. We believe in the idea that when you meet someone new, instead of asking where they are from or what they do, ask them to tell you their story. This way, you give the person the freedom of choice, to share with you the things they feel most comfortable sharing with you, without fear of comparison or judgment.

As her little brother, I am shamelessly biased and proud of the person Stephanie Whalley is. Her ability to turn the things she sees or hears into written art work is something I have always marvelled at. You only have to take a look at the drool worthy Instagram Stories on her Hungry Harriet Food review blog to see what I mean.

So with this in mind, we have put together a few thought provoking questions that we hope will give you some insight into the weird, wacky and beautifully creative mind of our insanely talented writer Stephanie Whalley.

how to start a food blog
Hungry Harriet Food Blogger

What does the word ‘Home ’mean to you?

It’s not bricks and mortar or even anything tangible at all to me really. I think it’s wherever you can feel safe and find a sense of sanctuary, security and escapism. I’m a traditional home bird so for me, this is where I can curl up with a cup of tea and forget everything else outside, or where I can share a bottle of wine and play board games with my nearest and dearest.

Greatest life challenge you have overcome so far?

I think with all that goes on in the world these days, it can be easy to succumb to a chronically gloomy outlook and for a long time, I did. Recently though, I’ve been taking measures to turn this on its head and take a more positive and gentle approach to how I perceive things. It doesn’t always come easy and it can definitely be a challenge at times but one I’m determined to keep working on.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

The toxic sense of comparison and competition that is now so deeply instilled in people because of social media. It’s all about showing off or beating yourself up for not having what somebody else might have these days. I think if this was eradicated, a lot of other more positive changes in people and the planet would follow suit.

What 1 hour chunk of history would you like to see if it could be captured on video to watch?

Probably the liberation of the concentration camps after WWII. I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau when I was younger and it really, truly moved me - enough to inspire by dissertation in Holocaust cinema. So after learning about the horror and brutality of it all, it would be incredible to see the emancipation of the survivors.

If you could remove one problem from the world, what would it be?

Avocados. Disgusting things. Don’t know how anybody eats them. Just kidding - you can keep your avo. Seriously though, animal cruelty. There is just no place on this planet for that.

If you won the lottery, what would NOT change in your life?

My hankering for cheap biscuits - Malted Milk are top of that list by the way. My love for my family and friends, and my awe of nature. I could be a multi-billionaire but without family to hug, friends to laugh with, fresh air to fill my lungs and sunsets to soak up, I’d feel impoverished.

If you could live inside anyone’s head for 15 minutes, whose would it be?

Either one of my pet labradoodles’. The amount of time I spend wondering what Spud or Spike is dreaming about or thinking about is quite embarrassing really. If I could spend 7.5 minutes in each of their fluffy little heads, I could finally concentrate on something else!

What does a labradoodle look like
A Rose Between Two Doodles

Which company or brand represents you best?

It goes without saying but, ONEOFTHE8. I love that line in the Just Jack song, “we are all embers from the same fire” and I think ONEOFTHE8 embodies this perfectly. There isn’t enough of that around yet. I have a real affinity with the Innocent smoothies brand too - they’re conscious and serious about what

they do but still relatable and human.

Favourite childhood memory?

I’m lucky enough to say that my entire childhood is one big happy memory so it’s really hard to pick just one. Impossible actually. Mum’s packed lunches, dad’s stories, nan’s apple pie, gelling mohicans into my brother’s hair, chip butties at the water park on holiday, meeting our cat Marvin for the first time, dance routines to Shania Twain… there’s a whole patchwork of treasured memories.

You get one text, maximum 150 characters, goes to everyone in the world, what does it say?

Stop treating the planet like a rubbish dump, you absolute buffoons. Drink your water, do one kind thing every single day and don’t forget to work to live, not live to work.

To find out more about Steph's food reviews and awesome recipies, check out her Hungry Harriet Blog.

I Am. You Are. Everyone Is. ONEOFTHE8.


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