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Real world people, real life stories

There are almost 8 billion people on our planet and every single one of us has a story to tell, every one of us has something valuable to share.


We have created ONEOFTHE8 to give voice to real world people, people who are making a real difference day to day, people who can inspire others through their experiences, through their outlook on life, through their achievements, through the amazing things they are creating.


We are all ONEOFTHE8 and this is our story.


Be inspired, inspire others

Give someone the t-shirt, send them a link to your favourite story, share your favourite podcast episode. Every one of our storytellers shares the things that have inspired them most, so that you can share the stories that inspire you most.


Discover more about every storyteller and get links to their work on Listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts.

In your downtime, on your commute.


Join the movement, join the tribe

Wear the t-shirt, wear the sweatshirt, wear the beanie, join the movement and show that you’re a part of it, show that you are ONEOFTHE8.


More than simply a brand, ONEOFTHE8 is a movement, it’s a tribe of real world people from all across the globe, people from every continent, brought together through the sharing of their stories and the sharing of their inspiration.


Wear ONEOFTHE8, be a part of it.


Help those less fortunate

We can’t solve the UK’s homelessness problem, but we can help someone to keep warm.


ONEOFTHE8 is not a charity, but we are fully committed to helping those less fortunate and when our store is up and running, for every purchase made online we will be donating an item that will help to keep a homeless person warm.


We’ll be giving something back on your behalf, and we’ll be doing so via one of our chosen charitable organisations.

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