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Get To Know - The Pragmatist

A pragmatist - every successful team, organisation, business or group has one and can't function in their absence. But not everyone gets to call their pragmatist, 'mum', 'wife' or 'friend'. Our pragmatist is Gillian Whalley and boy does she do a good job. Gillian is the foundation to our ONEOFTHE8 skyscraper, somebody we couldn't function without and somebody we are so very proud of.

As an extremely understated individual, we only just about got her willing to even be mentioned in our Get To Know posts. Gillian is that person who takes care of all the things you wouldn't always think about or remember. She is also that person who is always willing to listen and will be there for you no matter what. So enjoy this rare opportunity to learn a little bit more about the woman who keeps us all going. (She is also chief emoji user).

What does the word ‘Home’ mean to you?

Our children - when they are in the house, life feels complete 😍 Greatest life challenge you have overcome so far?

Learning to give our children space and independence though I am not sure they would agree 🤪 What would you tell your 20 year old self, now?

You can actually be whatever you want if you just try. Don't settle for the life you had at 20 as you get older, out of habit.

What 1 hour chunk of history would you like to see if it could be captured on video to watch?

The construction of many of the amazing buildings in the world from centuries ago. If you could remove one problem from the world, what would it be?

Poverty, which in turn would solve so many of the world's problems. If you won the lottery, what would NOT change in your life?

Me, although I guess I would be more contented if I could help family and others.

If you could live inside anyone’s head for 15 minutes, whose would it be?

Anyone who is chilled, positive and doesn't worry.  Even just 15 minutes would be good! Which company or brand represents you best?

Never really been a 'brand victim' so difficult to say but my car is a Honda which I think is a good representation as it is reliable and not ostentatious. Favourite childhood memory?

The same toadstool birthday cake every year which my mum managed to get between Christmas and New Year which wasn't easy 😊 You get one text, maximum 150 characters, goes to everyone in the world, what does it say?

Just try and chill or you will miss the pleasure in so many events in your life while you are worrying, such as your children growing up.


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